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HMO In Tourist Area in Scarborough Approved ☀️🌴

4:29 pm, 28th Jan 2020
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Scarborough Council has approved the application for the conversion of a  guesthouse into a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO). M...

Differentia Property Management

10:46 am, 27th Jan 2020
439 Views No Comments

We are about providing inspiring environments where people can collaborate together. We are very passionate about creating spaces professionals...

HMO Amenity Standards

10:54 am, 20th Aug 2019
359 Views No Comments

HMO Property amenity standards, are the number and type of amenities that must be provided in all Houses of Multiple...

HMOPP #25: Claire Farrington, 12 Years, 43 HMOs and 250 Tenants 🎤

3:48 pm, 22nd Jan 2020
423 Views No Comments

From Marketing to Successful HMO Investor. Claire has been investing in HMOs for some 12 years...

Count On Us Bookkeeping

10:06 am, 23rd Jan 2020
267 Views No Comments

We take the hassle out of day-to-day bookkeeping, allowing you to spend more time to work on your business...

HMO Books & Publications

10:33 pm, 20th Apr 2019
349 Views No Comments

HMO Property Success the Proven Strategy for Financial Freedom Through Multi-Let Property Investing The Law...

HOTW#3: 3 to 6 Bedroom HMO – Bristol

3:23 pm, 28th Jan 2020
277 Views No Comments

Article 4 Direction now in Brighton and Wigan?

2:51 pm, 27th Jan 2020
357 Views No Comments

Brighton and Wigan councillors voted through Article 4 Direction restrictions...

HMO Calculators

8:52 pm, 20th Apr 2019
364 Views No Comments

At HMOhub because we know that every deal needs accurate analysis have put...

HMOPP #24: Adam Cooper, 18 Months, 11 HMOs and 140 Tenants 🎤

1:07 pm, 17th Jan 2020
289 Views No Comments

From Mechanic to Successful HMO Investor. Adam has been investing in HMOs for some 18...

5 Reasons to Invest in HMO Property in 2020

4:07 pm, 24th Jan 2020
305 Views No Comments

Renting out a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) was always a great opportunity when it comes to the rental market. However, in the new year,...

Landlord Law Services

8:30 am, 21st Jan 2020
345 Views No Comments

Landlord Law is here to help you understand your legal obligations and provide online help and documentation, so you can save money by doing things...

HOTW#1: 3 to 6 Bedroom Professional HMO

1:57 pm, 6th Dec 2019
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RLA against plans to renew additional HMO licensing scheme in Cardiff

3:53 pm, 23rd Jan 2020
298 Views No Comments

The RLA is against the plans put forward by Cardiff Council to renew...

NorthPoint Planning & Licensing Services

2:42 pm, 20th Jan 2020
283 Views No Comments

North Point is a planning consultancy located in North London and provides professional planning permission...

HMO Capital Allowances

10:30 pm, 15th Apr 2019
269 Views No Comments

Many investors are confused about whether capital allowances can be claimed on residential properties,...

Over 130,000 Unlicensed HMOs Operating in London

3:23 pm, 22nd Jan 2020
384 Views No Comments

New research made has found over 130,000 unlicensed HMOs in London which should be licensed under either selective, additional or mandatory HMO licensing schemes. The...

Howard Property Services

2:13 pm, 20th Jan 2020
398 Views No Comments

We take care of a wide range of property services including Inventories/Check Out’s, Lettings Compliance, Health and Safety Assessments and HMO Licencing.

HMO Deposits

10:29 pm, 10th Apr 2019
424 Views No Comments

Whilst there are landlords who don’t take one, renting a room or unit within an HMO or shared accommodation normally means taking a deposit on...

HMOPP #23: Miles Pattison-Appleton, 4 Years, 28 HMOs and 129 Tenants 🎤

8:06 am, 9th Jan 2020
289 Views No Comments

From Student to Successful HMO Investor. Miles has been investing in HMOs for some 4 years now, he’s been involved with 28 HMO projects, currently...

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