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Hi, I’m Rupert, London based property entrepreneur, developer and HMO landlord.

We’ve been in investing in the UK commercial and residential property market since 2009 and then HMOs specifically since 2012, having bought, sold and brokered, over 200 HMO properties since then.

Back in 2013 after a year or so of investing in HMOs, we realised that there were plenty of generic property resources that tried to be a jack of all trades.

But there was no one single place where HMO investors, new or experienced, could go to get all the information, resources, news, education and inspiration that they needed. And so here we are 🙂

It’s taken us some time, and we’re in no way finished, but we’ve have started to create what we believe to be a unique, trusted environment & community.


to create a trusted, positive and powerful HMO platform of information, resources and data, that allows a community, interact, learn and thrive together.


to connect, educate and inspire the HMO property community; in order to increase the quality of co-living property in the UK.


Trust, Respect, Integrity, Creativity

If you feel like you resonate with our mission and values we’d love to have your support help and feedback.

Meet the Team