1Chatteris bank to be converted into 7-bed HMO

A former Chatteris bank that has been sold for £100,000 – could become a 7-bedroom house in multiple occupation (HMO).

Fenland District Council received an application from Nicholas Leeding of Wimblington for permission to convert the building and to make some changes to the layout.

The application has received a nod of approval from the council’s environmental health team who say it is unlikely to have a detrimental effect on air quality or cause any noise.

The applicant says that the old mid-19th-century building will need a few changes to the historical features.

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He says he will expose the original fireplace on the first flood middle room but all other original features “appear to have been removed prior to the building becoming a bank.

“The windows will have the metal bars removed and will be refurbished in situ.”

One of the neighbours has shared concern to planners regarding parking that HMO will lead to even more cars competing for parking space in an already crowded area.

The application is on the council website and comments are invited.

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