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What is a Landlords Association?

A landlords association is an organisation & community for residential landlords and property lettings agents. Their role is to provide support and representation to their members on all aspects of residential property, including the lobbying of government.

They also provide resources documents and advice. They can help with things from tenant-related problems, to any rights an responsibilities as a landlord, and also keep members up to date on any new or incoming relevant regulations and legislation changes.

Most of the larger associations provide telephone support to members and all the forms and documents involved in being a landlord.

Benefits of Joining A Landlords Association

  • Information on important and relevant Landlord issues in the UK.
  • Landlord advice Line support for members
  • Landlord information on new or pending regulations or Acts a.
  • Downloadable landlord legal documents
  • Discounts on 3rd part member services
  • Join a community of Fellow Landlords to listen & discuss landlords issues.
  • Strength in numbers. The voice of the landlord community can be particularly useful when petitioning governments or members of parliament.

Compare Landlords Associations

Residential Landlords Association35,000UK£79.95 per year
National Landlords Association40,000UK£10 per month
Landlords Guild10,000UK£29 per quarter
British Landlords Association5,000UK£6.24 per month
HMO Landlords AssociationComing Soon

Should I join an Association?

There’s no legal requirement. But in recent years the government has brought in many changes in legislation that directly affect residential landlords and so we recommend joining a landlord association.

The associations support all individual landlords and portfolio landlords alike. If you want to keep ahead of legal issues, have access to the latest landlord news and get input from experienced and professional landlords, then it is worth the small membership fee.

If one day you find yourself in a landlord dilemma (e.g. tenant has fallen into arrears), you may find yourself alone, confused, and unsure of how to resolve the problem. Becoming a member of an association will give you that support and guidance you need to navigate an issue.

If you join one but don’t feel the benefit, you can revoke your membership at any time.

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