Understanding HMO Licensing is key thanks to the recent changes made on the 1st October 2018.

HMO Licence fee vary from one council to another, so to make life easy for our users we spent some time collating information on HMO License costs and conditions. Scroll to your relevant council and if you need more information just click the relevant link.

If you need to find out which LPA a property resides within, go to this government website to check and find which local council or planning authority a property resides in.

Then once you have this information you can use the table below to search for the local authority to find specific costs & information regarding a specific Local Planning Authority with respect to HMO licensing.

All licences are valid for 5 years unless stated otherwise.

CouncilLicense CostLink
Adur District CouncilVariesLink
Allerdale District Council£431Link
Amber Valley Borough Council£520Link
Arun District CouncilVariesLink
Ashfield District CouncilVariesLink
Ashford Borough Council£397Link
Aylesbury Vale District CouncilVariesLink
Babergh District Council£551Link
Barking and Dagenham Borough Council£956Link
Barnet Borough Council£1,233Link
Barnsley Council£505Link
Barrow-in-Furness Borough CouncilVariesLink
Basildon Borough CouncilVariesLink
Basingstoke & Deane Borough CouncilVariesLink
Bassetlaw District Council£552Link
Bath & North East Somerset£795Link
Bedford Borough Council£598Link
Bexley Borough CouncilVariesLink
Blaby District CouncilVariesLink
Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council£900Link
Blackpool Borough Council£542Link
Bolsover District CouncilVariesLink
Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council£778Link
Boston Borough Council£948Link
Bournemouth Borough Council£695Link
Bradford Metropolitan District CouncilVariesLink
Braintree District Council£640Link
Breckland District Council£399Link
Brent Borough Council£540Link
Brentwood Borough Council£840Link
Birmingham City CouncilVariesLink
Bristol City Council£1,420Link
Broadland District CouncilVariesLink
Bromley Borough Council£1,300Link
Bromsgrove District CouncilVariesLink
Broxbourne Borough Council£638Link
Broxtowe Borough Council£475Link
Buckinghamshire County Council£875Link
Burnley Borough CouncilVariesLink
Bury Metropolitan Borough Council£536Link
Cambridge City Council£950Link
Camden Borough CouncilVariesLink
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough CouncilVariesLink
Cannock Chase District Council£590Link
Canterbury City CouncilVariesLink
Charnwood Borough Council£610Link
Chelmsford City Council£900Link
Cheltenham Borough CouncilVariesLink
Cherwell District Council£700Link
Chesterfield Borough Council£400Link
Craven District Council£390Link
Crawley Borough CouncilVariesLink
Croydon London Borough Council£250/roomLink
Cheshire East Council£440Link
Cheshire West and Chester Сouncil£520Link
Chichester District CouncilVariesLink
Chiltern District CouncilVariesLink
Chorley Borough CouncilVariesLink
Christchurch Borough CouncilVariesLink
Colchester Borough CouncilVariesLink
Copeland Borough Council£330Link
Corby Borough Council£1,000Link
Cornwall Council£1,150Link
Cotswold District Council£620Link
Coventry City Council£829Link
Carlisle City Council£540Link
Castle Point Borough Council£750Link
Cambridgeshire County Council£950Link
Central Bedfordshire CouncilVariesLink
Cumbria County CouncilVariesLink
Dacorum Borough CouncilVariesLink
Darlington Borough CouncilVariesLink
Dartford Borough CouncilVariesLink
Daventry District Council£714Link
Derbyshire Dales District Council£470Link
Derbyshire County CouncilVariesLink
Devon County CouncilVariesLink
Doncaster Council£800Link
Dorset County Council£650Link
Dover District Council£710Link
Durham County Council£850Link
Dudley Metropolitan Borough CouncilVariesLink
Eden District Council£378Link
Ealing Borough Council£1,100Link
East Cambridgeshire District Council£300Link
East Devon District CouncilVariesLink
East Dorset District Council£650Link
East Hampshire District Council£600Link
East Hertfordshire District CouncilVariesLink
East Lindsey District Council£660Link
East Northamptonshire District Council£1,000Link
East Riding of Yorkshire Council£581Link
East Sussex County Council£VariesLink
East Staffordshire Borough Council£550Link
Eastbourne Borough Council£848Link
Eastleigh Borough Council£900Link
Elmbridge Borough Council£600Link
Enfield London Borough Council£139.40/roomLink
Epping Forest District Council£809Link
Epsom & Ewell Borough Council£610Link
Erewash Borough Council£793Link
Essex County CouncilVariesLink
Exeter City Council£760Link
Exmoor National Park CouncilVariesLink
Fareham Borough CouncilVariesLink
Fenland District Council£750Link
Forest Heath District CouncilVariesLink
Forest of Dean District Council£620Link
Fylde Borough CouncilVariesLink
Gloucester City CouncilVariesLink
Gedling Borough CouncilVariesLink
Gloucestershire County Council£450Link
Gosport Borough CouncilVariesLink
Gravesham Borough Council£540Link
Great Yarmouth Borough Council£770Link
Greenwich London Borough Council£388Link
Guildford Borough Council£608Link
Hackney Borough CouncilVariesLink
Halton Borough СouncilVariesLink
Hambleton District Council£590Link
Hammersmith and Fulham London Borough Council£1,400Link
Hampshire County CouncilVariesLink
Harborough District Council£710Link
Haringey London Borough Council£1,100Link
Harlow District CouncilVariesLink
Harrogate Borough Council£513Link
Harrow London Borough Council£1,310Link
Hart District Council£659Link
Hartlepool Borough CouncilVariesLink
Hastings Borough Council£1,000Link
Havant Borough Council£600Link
Havering London Borough Council£1,115Link
Hertfordshire County Council£750Link
Hertsmere Borough CouncilVariesLink
High Peak Borough CouncilVariesLink
Hillingdon London Borough Council£653Link
Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council£700Link
Horsham District CouncilVariesLink
Hounslow London Borough Council£1,190Link
Hull City CouncilVariesLink
Huntingdonshire District Council£350Link
Hyndburn Borough CouncilVariesLink
Isle of Anglesey County CouncilVariesLink
Isles of Scilly Council£1,150Link
Isle of Wight CouncilVariesLink
Islington London Borough Council£280/roomLink
Ipswich Borough CouncilVariesLink
Kensington and Chelsea London Borough Council£1,400Link
Kent County CouncilVariesLink
Kettering Borough CouncilVariesLink
Kings Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council£685Link
Kingston upon Thames London Borough Council£200/roomLink
Kirklees Borough Council£520Link
Lambeth London Borough Council£1,395Link
Lewisham London Borough CouncilVariesLink
Lancashire County CouncilVariesLink
Leicestershire County Council£900Link
Leeds City Council£675Link
Lincolnshire County CouncilVariesLink
Lancaster City Council£650Link
Lewes District Council£848Link
Lichfield City CouncilVariesLink
Lincoln City Council£850Link
Maidstone Borough Council£525Link
Maldon District CouncilVariesLink
Malvern Hills District Council£734Link
Mansfield District Council£634Link
Medway Council£1,003Link
Melton Borough Council£450Link
Mendip District Council£375Link
Merton London Borough CouncilVariesLink
Mid Devon District Council£793Link
Middlesbrough Council£605Link
Mid Suffolk District Council£551Link
Mid Sussex District Council£950Link
Milton Keynes District Council£300Link
Mole Valley District Council£687Link
New Forest District CouncilVariesLink
Newark & Sherwood District CouncilVariesLink
Newcastle-Under-Lyme Borough CouncilVariesLink
Newham London Borough Council£750Link
Norfolk County CouncilVariesLink
Northampton Borough CouncilVariesLink
North Devon District CouncilVariesLink
North Dorset District Council£650Link
North East Derbyshire District CouncilVariesLink
North East Lincolnshire CouncilVariesLink
Northamptonshire County CouncilVariesLink
North Hertfordshire District Council£750Link
North Kesteven District CouncilVariesLink
North Lincolnshire Council£840Link
North Norfolk District Council£525Link
North Somerset Council£658Link
Northumberland County Council£105/roomLink
North Warwickshire Borough Council£702Link
North West Leicestershire District CouncilVariesLink
North Yorkshire County CouncilVariesLink
Norwich City Council£140/yearLink
Nottinghamshire County Council£1,330Link
Nuneaton & Bedworth Borough CouncilVariesLink
Oadby & Wigston Borough Council£777Link
Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council£490Link
Oxford City Council£420Link
Oxfordshire County Council£420Link
Pendle Borough CouncilVariesLink
Preston City Council£500Link
Purbeck District CouncilVariesLink
Redditch Borough Council£500Link
Redbridge London Borough Council£800Link
Reigate & Banstead Borough CouncilVariesLink
Ribble Valley Borough Council£750Link
Richmondshire District CouncilVariesLink
Richmond upon Thames London Borough Council£1,177Link
Rochdale Borough Council£768Link
Rochford District Council£354Link
Rossendale Borough CouncilVariesLink
Rother District CouncilVariesLink
Rugby Borough Council£650Link
Runnymede Borough CouncilVariesLink
Rushcliffe Borough Council£557Link
Rushmoor Borough Council£756Link
Ryedale District CouncilVariesLink
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council£846Link
Scarborough Borough Council£950Link
Sedgemoor District CouncilVariesLink
Sefton Borough Council£850Link
Selby District CouncilVariesLink
Sevenoaks District CouncilVariesLink
Shepway District Council£402Link
Somerset County Council£400Link
South Buckinghamshire District Council£875Link
South Cambridgeshire District CouncilVariesLink
South Derbyshire District CouncilVariesLink
South Gloucestershire Council£656Link
South Hams District Council£350Link
South Holland District Council£545Link
South Kesteven District Council£474Link
South Lakeland District Council£368Link
South Norfolk District Council£833Link
South Northamptonshire District Council£700Link
South Oxfordshire District Council£720Link
South Ribble Borough CouncilVariesLink
South Somerset District Council£400Link
South Staffordshire District CouncilVariesLink
Southwark London Borough Council£263/roomLink
Spelthorne Borough Council£672Link
St Albans District Council£765Link
St Edmundsbury Borough Council£500Link
Stafford Borough CouncilVariesLink
Staffordshire County CouncilVariesLink
Staffordshire Moorlands District Council£385Link
Stevenage Borough CouncilVariesLink
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council£705Link
Stockton-on-Tees Council£250/unitLink
Stratford on Avon District CouncilVariesLink
Stroud District Council£830Link
Suffolk Coastal District Council£655Link
Suffolk County Council£655Link
Sunderland City Council£881Link
Surrey County Council£675Link
Surrey Heath Borough Council£675Link
Sutton London Borough Council£1,200Link
Swale Borough Council£638Link
Swindon Borough Council£1,050Link
Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council£500Link
Tamworth Borough CouncilVariesLink
Tandridge District Council£450Link
Taunton Deane Borough CouncilVariesLink
Teignbridge District CouncilVariesLink
Tendring District CouncilVariesLink
Test Valley Borough Council£490Link
Tewkesbury Borough Council£630Link
Thanet District Council£819Link
Three Rivers District CouncilVariesLink
Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council£480Link
Torbay Council£1,241Link
Torridge District CouncilVariesLink
Tower Hamlets Borough Council£525Link
Trafford Council£730Link
Tunbridge Wells Borough CouncilVariesLink
Uttlesford District Council£560Link
Vale of White Horse District Council£720Link
Waltham Forest London Borough Council£1,100Link
Wandsworth London Borough Council£914Link
Westminster City Council£285/roomLink
West Devon Borough CouncilVariesLink
West Dorset District Council£550Link
West Lancashire District Council£600Link
West Lindsey District CouncilVariesLink
West Oxfordshire District Council£620Link
Wakefield Metropolitan District Council£600Link
Warrington Borough Council£420Link
West Somerset District Council£400Link
Warwick District Council£816Link
Watford Borough Council£1,143Link
Waveney District Council£655Link
Waverley Borough Council£575Link
Wealden District Council£808Link
Wellingborough Borough CouncilVariesLink
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council£930Link
Weymouth & Portland Borough Council£650Link
Wiltshire Council£375Link
Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council£650Link
Wigan Council£652Link
Winchester City Council£900Link
Woking Borough CouncilVariesLink
Worcester City CouncilVariesLink
Wolverhampton City Council£650Link
Worthing Borough CouncilVariesLink
Wychavon District Council£583Link
Wycombe District Council£800Link
Wyre Borough CouncilVariesLink
Wyre Forest District CouncilVariesLink
Warwickshire County Council£816Link
West Berkshire Council£1,145Link
West Sussex County CouncilVariesLink
Worcestershire County CouncilVariesLink

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