HMO Mortgage Lenders

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We’ve compiled a list of HMO Lenders to allow investors to explore and get in touch with these HMO Lenders directly.

If you find an HMO Lender out there that we don’t have listed then drop us a line and we will add them to the list.

Accord MortgagesBroker onlyLink
Aldermore MortgagesDirect or BrokerLink
AxisBroker onlyLink
Bank of IrelandBroker onlyLink
BarclaysBroker onlyLink
Bath Building SoceityDirect or BrokerLink
Blue StoneBroker onlyLink
BM SolutionsBroker onlyLink
Build LoanBroker onlyLink
Cambridge & CountiesBroker onlyLink
Castle TrustBroker onlyLink
Foundation Home LoansBroker onlyLink
Gatehouse BankDirect or BrokerLink
Hampshire TrustBroker onlyLink
Interbay CommercialBroker onlyLink
KensingtonBroker onlyLink
Kent RelianceBroker onlyLink
KeystoneBroker onlyLink
LandbayBroker onlyLink
Leeds Building SocietyDirect or BrokerLink
Lend InvestBroker onlyLink
LloydsBroker onlyLink
MagellanBroker onlyLink
Paragon BankBroker onlyLink
PlatformBroker onlyLink
Post OfficeBroker onlyLink
Precise MortgagesBroker onlyLink
SantanderBroker onlyLink
ShawbrookBroker onlyLink
The Mortgage WorksBroker onlyLink
TogetherBroker onlyLink
Vida HomeloansBroker onlyLink