3 to 6 Bed HMO Conversion

Location: Kirby Liverpool, L5

HMO Project Summary

A stressful 3-month negotiation and a down valuation, we finally manage to get this one over the line, refurbed and filled. Then we refinanced within 10 months.

HMO Purchase

A stressful experience where the vendor pulled out and then want back in again. Then we had a down valuation

HMO Planning

A relatively smooth planning process taking only 4 Months from start to finish

HMO Refurbishment

A 6-month slog which including putting in some steel beams to the rear to allow for the 6m rear extension under Permitted Development.

HMO Licensing

Having HMOs in the area already the HMO licensing process was smooth and straight forward.


We used our local lettings agent XYZ agent, SpareRoom and RoomGO to get this filled fast. Was filled approx 2 weeks before completion of the refurbishment.


XYZ management Ltd


we used xyz magaement software and ksjhd kjhdf kdjh kjdf



Best Learnings

  • Always work with the builder now against them 🙂
  • don’t underestimate timeframes of getting stuff done