HMO Property Podcast #10 with Alistair Trippett

From School Directly Into HMO Investment.

Alistair has been investing in HMOs for some five years now, he’s been involved with one HMO projects, currently housing over five tenants himself.


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Show Notes

Life Before HMO Property
[01:28] Graduated from school and started investing in HMOs.
Entry to HMO Investing
[05:42] Parents adviced to invest in HMO.
Holding Back From HMOs
[08:23] It was a good idea from the very beginning.
Summary of 1st HMO Deal
[09:37] A big HMO with a basement, did all the refurbishment by himself.
HMOs, Life-changing?
[11:40] It brought financial freedom.
Favorite Part of HMO Property
[13:24] Definitely not doing the licensing πŸ™‚
HMO Mistake
[16:24]Using airbnb to find tenants.
12 Month Portfolio Plans
[19:39] Working on a big family project.
Outside of HMO Investing
[25:11] Concentrated on property business only.
Advice for Current HMO Investors
[27:12] People appreciate quality.

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HMO Property Podcast with Alistair Trippett

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