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From an Environmental Engineer to HMO Property Investor.

Sara has been investing in HMOs for some 11 years now, she’s been involved with 12 HMO projects, currently housing over 40 tenants herself.


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Show Notes

Life Before HMO Property
[01:20] During the university was helping landlords as a freelancer.
Holding Back From HMOs
[03:39] Nothing at all was holding back from getting into HMO business.
Summary of 1st HMO Deal
[04:24] 5-bedroom HMO living in there and having tenants at the same time.
HMOs, Life-changing?
[06:09] Gave the opportunity to quit the job and work in property full time.
Favourite Part of HMO Property
[07:01] Provide good quality to people.
Current Portfolio
[09:12] 2 HMOs with students, 3 HMOs with professionals and 2 small commercials units.
Best HMO Investment & Why
[09:52] Student property bought three years ago for a very good price.
HMO Mistake
[11:30] For the first few years did everything by herself without.
12 Month Portfolio Plans
[12:57] To do at least 10 HMOs. 
Outside of HMO Investing
[28:18] Coaching people who want to get into HMO business.
Advice for Current HMO Investors
[14:53] Pay attention to the location.
Advice to New HMO Investors
[16:15] Educate yourself.


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