HMO Property Podcast #13 with Jay Staniforth & Naomi Hyett

From Marketing Positions to HMO Investors.

Jay and Naomi have been investing in HMOs for almost a year now and they have one great HMO story to share with us.


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Resources Mentioned

Property Magic by Simon Zutshi

Property Magic by Simon Zutshi

Show Notes

Life Before HMO Property
[01:21] Their friend pushed them to get into HMO business.
Holding Back From HMOs
[07:35] Lack of knowledge.
Summary of 1st HMO Deal
[10:38] Full of doubts.
HMOs, Life-changing?
[06:09] Gave the opportunity to quit the job and work in property full time.
Favorite Part of HMO Property
[07:01] Provide good quality to people.
Current Portfolio
[09:12] 2 HMOs with students, 3 HMOs with professionals and 2 small commercials units.
Best HMO Investment & Why
[24:40] 15 rooms HMO.
HMO Mistake
[27:58] Stopped advertising the deal after meeting the first investor.
12 Month Portfolio Plans
[31:33] Oer 40 units during the next 12 months.  
Outside of HMO Investing
[33:35] Brand coaching and strategic marketing consultancy.
Advice for Current HMO Investors
[35:15] Continue educating yourself.
Advice to New HMO Investors
[37:06] Don’t be cheap.

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