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From a Mechanical Engineer to an HMO Investor.

Charlie is a professional property investor with a portfolio of BTLs, HMOs, and Commercial conversions. Specialising in taking distressed properties, adding value through refurbishment and creating high cash flowing assets. Having previously worked as a chartered engineer in the offshore energy industry.


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Show Notes

Life Before HMO Property
[01:11] Was a mechanical engineer.
Entry to HMO Investing
[ 05:03 ] Inspired by his father who was property develope.
Holding Back From HMOs
[11:01] Lack of knowledge.
Summary of 1st HMO Deal
[12:13] 4 bedroom HMO in North-East.
HMOs, Life-changing?
[15:58] Cashflows changed.
Favourite Part of HMO Property
[18:34] Doing deals.
Current Portfolio
[21:22] From 4 to 6 bedroom HMOs, mostly in North-East.
Best HMO Investment & Why
[25:08] HMO found by the wife.
HMO Mistake
[28:14] Not looking after all of the profits.
12 Month Portfolio Plans
[31:10] At least 2-4 HMOs more.
Outside of HMO Investing
[32:40] Doing charity.
Advice for Current HMO Investors
[35:20 ] Don’t be shy to share your success with others.
Advice to New HMO Investors

[37:53] Get more and more knowledge.

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