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Please feel free to use our HMO Calculator/Analyser to run any deals, our or yours, through the mill to see what they look like on the other side. It’s and great tool and its free to use. As ever any questions or feedback feel free to get in touch

Purchase Price £
Mortgage LTV %
Mortgage £
Deposit £
Stamp Duty £
Refurb Estimate to HMO Ready £
Mortgage Brokerage £
Survey inc VAT £
Legal’s £
Total Capital Employed £
Total Purchase Costs £

Monthly Revenue
No of Lettable Rooms #
Av Room Rental £
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test 111
test 111
test 111
test 111
test 111
test 111
test 111
test 111
test 111
Gross Revenue £

Monthly Expenditure
Bills Per Room £
Total Bills £
Management £
Insurance £
Cleaning £
Voids £
Maintenance £
Mortgage Rate £
Total Expenditure £

Price Per Room £
Gross Yield
Net Yield
Monthly Gross Profit £
Monthly Net Profit £
Annual Net Profit £
Occupancy to Break Even %
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test 111
Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)


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