HMO Bridging

At HMOHub, we truly understand the HMO mortgage market and work with, and have access to, specialist lenders with products designed specifically for HMO and multi-let properties.

We have access to the whole of the market to provide landlords mortgages for properties let as HMOs. Lenders we utilise range from mainstream Buy-to-let mortgage lenders to Commercial mortgage lenders offering finance for large HMO properties. We also arrange short-term and mortgage finance for converting existing dwellings into HMOs or converting property into self-contained flats.

Lending on HMO properties needs to fit both the borrower and the lender mutually. Often we come across investors trying to use normal or vanilla BTL products which then end up getting them in trouble with mortgage lenders, who subsequently find out that the property is being used as an HMO. In extreme cases we have heard of lenders giving very short notice periods to landlords, and decide to recall their loans with immediate effect.

As a specialist HMO platform we have relationships with all major HMO lenders and have access to products then are not available on the open market. This means we can help you find the right product for the right property and ensure you are fully compliant.

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