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From Marketing to Successful HMO Investor.

Claire has been investing in HMOs for some 12 years now, she’s been involved with 43 HMO projects, currently housing 250 tenants.


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Show Notes

Life Before HMO Property
[01:30] Was studying computer science at university.
Entry to HMO Investing
[05:25] Got involved into a family business.
Holding Back From HMOs
[07:10] Nothing at all.
Summary of 1st HMO Deal
[09:22] Big Victorian semi-detached house with 5-bedrooms.
HMOs, Life-changing?
[11:30]  Big changes for the whole family.
Favourite Part of HMO Property
[12:15] Finding deals.
Current Portfolio
[15:43] A big HMO portfolio for different types of students.
Best HMO Investment & Why
[17:43] Carehome converted into a 40-bed HMO.
HMO Mistake
[19:41] Trying to do everything by yourself.
12 Month Portfolio Plans
[23:29] Concentrating on the biggest HMO converting now and finish other projects.
Advice for Current HMO Investors
[25:20]  Believe in yourself and continue to do what you are doing.
Advice to New HMO Investors
[27:02] Learn everything before you start.  

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