HMOs for the Homeless in Corby

HMOs for Homeless in Corby

Planning permission for a night shelter for the homeless has been granted to be built in homes that are now closed In Dorking Walk in Corby.

The shelter is a key part of the council’s plan to stop sleeping in the town after a large increase of people sleeping on the streets during the last few years.

But the organisation that could run the shelter hasn’t been found yet.

Homeless charity Corby Nightlight, which ran a shelter in the disused Corby police station last winter, has excluded itself.

The council has budgeted £130,000 for the correction which will involve 5 dormitories at 82 Dorking Walk which can have 16 people plus a 2-bedroom HMO at 98 Dorking Walk and a 3-bedroom HMO at 100 Dorking Walk.

Each unit will have a separate entrance and a staff office will be placed at 100 Dorking Walk.

Number 82 would be the first place for rough sleepers with the HMO accommodation offering a ‘second step’. Currently the properties are closed.

The Dorking Walk properties were converted in 2000 from residential properties and were used by a mental health charity safe haven as a shelter.

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