Over half of brokers expect buy-to-let sector to fall in 2019
Less than one third predict more landlords will buy properties, whilst more than half of brokers expect to see landlord confidence in the purchase market to slowdown throughout 2019.

Brokers were polled on whether they expect more buy-to-let landlords to buy properties in 2019, with 66.1% replying negatively, whilst 31.3% predicted a rise.

Just two per cent of of them did not give the answer.

A director of Your Mortgage Decisions, Dominik Lipnicki, said the stamp duty increase as well as taxation complications have had a negative impact on the BTL sector over the past few years.

He also added: “We cannot predict anything until certainty over Brexit is reached. However, this is not the only key factor, as government is not encouraging people to buy properties.

“Over the past few years, while taxation went up, there was a slowdown in the housing value, with plenty of areas where property prices fell, including London and Surrey. I reckon that this will carry on this year.”

Director of Private Finance, Shaun Church, said that he expects the first half of the year to be negative in terms of purchases and good business opportunities will be around first-time buyers, remortgages and product transfers.

He said: “In the wake of Brexit, correction in prices is an opportunity, but there are other factors which negatively impact the BTL sector, such as the three per cent stamp duty and changes to taxation. In order to see an improvement in this sector, I’d like to see the removal of the additional 3% stamp duty.”

Greg Cunnington, director of lender relationships and new homes at Alexander Hall,  agreed with the majority of brokers, but expects activity of experienced landlords will increase.

“Regulation changes had a very negative impact on the BTL market, and at present landlords are looking for houses in multiple occupation (HMO) and short-letting property investments.”– he added.

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