HMO Consulting

Are you looking for some specific HMO consultancy advice from a company with years of HMO expertise?

At every single month we are dedicated to helping investors over come their challenges and obstacles relating to, investing in, and managing HMO properties though out the UK.

If you think you would like some specific help/dedicated consultancy time aimed at improving your HMO business then we can help you.

Consultancy is charged at £750 + vat per day plus reasonable travel expenses and is done by our Managing Director & CEO Rupert Wallace.

Its your day to get out of it what you want but typical topics include the following all the way from pre-acquisition to lettings & management;

  • Using the 5 P’s within your HMO portfolio
  • In Depth Local Area Analysis – Identify the best areas within your area
  • Market Specific Analysis – define, know & grow your market
  • Supply Demand Analysis –  how to generate and maintain high demand within your niche.
  • Full Property Appraisals – getting to the details of a deal
  • HMO Licensing – knowledge & understanding, what you need to know.
  • HMO Planning – Be ahead of the rest
  • Floor Plan Analysis – getting the most out of the space
  • Deal Analysis – getting the numbers right first time and every time
  • Deal Structuring – getting the best deal out of the deal
  • Deal Negotiation – getting the best price for you the buyer
  • Lettings Software Guidance – learn how the pros do it
  • Refurbishment Analysis – learn from a company that has done over 20 refurbishments in the last 2 years alone
  • Portfolio Analysis – make sure your portfolio is performing at its best.

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