RLA against additional HMO licensing scheme in Cardiff

RLA Against Additional HMO Licensing Scheme in Cardiff

The RLA is against the plans put forward by Cardiff Council to renew an additional HMO licensing scheme in the borough. Cardiff Council

Over 130,000 Unlicensed HMOs Operating in London

New research made has found over 130,000 unlicensed HMOs in London which should be licensed under either selective, additional or manda

Northampton Council HMO Licensing Robberies.

One of the Landlord Associations has agreed they’ve failed Northampton Landlords and should have done a better job. It is known now t

14 Tenants Approved to Live in Wrexham HMO

The application to increase the number of people leaving in the house in multiple occupation in Wrexham approved. Landlord Andrew Shiel

44-bed HMO in Kirk Hallam Got a Green Light

A council in Kirk Hallam has approved plans for a 44-bedroom house in multiple occupation despite “fears of crime, thievery, and pilf

12-bedroom HMO Out of Former Dementia Care Home in Portsmouth

A FORMER dementia care home in Portsmouth was approved to be converted into a big house of multiple occupation with 12 bedrooms. 


Eight 1-bedroom and 2 2-bedroom flats have been proposed for the site. A former care home is approved to become 10 new flats despite pa

More HMOs to be Planned in Oxford

Four applications for planning permission to convert residential houses into houses of multiple occupation were applied to Oxford City

HMO Property; The Ultimate Guide 2020

In this complete and ultimate guide to HMO property, we give you the principles on of HMO property from A to Z. What is an HMO Property

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