Announcement – Welcome & a few simple guidelines!

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Forums HMO Forum Announcement – Welcome & a few simple guidelines!

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    AvatarRupert Wallace

    Welcome one and all to the famous HMO Forum!

    It’s great to have you here.

    Rumour has it Donald Trump and his wig will be dropping by soon so keep an eye out. Let’s hope it’s windy.

    Some Guidelines

    This forum is:
    1. a place safe to interact with fellow HMO investors of all levels.
    2. a place to share HMO stories and information, and resources.
    3. a place to ask HMO related questions and opinion, no matter how daft.
    4. a place where you need to display your real name. no nicknames sadly, this isn’t keys in a bowl time.
    5. a place to give and take, ideally not at the same time. Too much giving and you will feel tired and need a lie-down. Too much taking, and well, you’ll feel tired and need a lie-down?

    This forum isn’t:
    1. a madly hugely disorganised facebook group, with people asking the same question over and over again. There’s method/structure here, so use it.
    2. a place for any kind of bully or abuse
    3. a place to moan
    4. a place to share any extreme political views (refer to rule above)
    5. a place to sell your stuff
    6. a place to sell yourself
    7. a place to sell your deals

    Top tip. Use the search tool. The questions you may be asking has likely been answered many times in life, so let’s hope it’s been written done here.

    Now GO! Introduce yourself in the next thread. It’s where people see who you think you are, and what you think about yourself. Feel free to be interesting 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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